Do you to offer lessons online?

Yes, we now offer lessons to all levels online!

How does it work?

It works as a normal lesson would but you would need a good internet connection and a phone/tablet/laptop with a camera and sound.

Is it complicated?

No it isn’t and if you are having trouble we are there to help and of course, you could always ask the kids!  We have successfully moved our students to the online platform since March.

Will we be offering lessons on the Rathfarnham premises again?

Yes, we will resume our tuition in the Rathfarnham Educate Together National School when it is deemed safe for everyone to do so.

Will there be an option to continue learning online?

Yes we will continue to teach online for those who prefer and for our incoming students.

What age should a child start an instrument?

It is recommended that 6 or 7 years of age is a good time to begin an instrument.  It is possible to start earlier and this can be reviewed and discussed on an individual basis.    I

Do we teach Adults?

Yes, absolutely!  We have many adults who are either starting or coming back to music.   We are firm believers in lifelong learning.

Can parents sit in on the lesson with their child?

Absolutely.  From time to time parents are interested in seeing how the lesson is structured and also how their child responds.  It also can help parents who have never studied an instrument to understand the benefits of music when they see the results of a weeks practise culminate into a successful performance.  We recommend parents sit in on all lessons both in-person and online.

Are gift vouchers available?

Gift Vouchers are available and can be bought for any occasion!  It is the perfect way to encourage a friend or family member who is always talking about taking up or going back to an instrument!

How Much are the Fees?

Fees are as follows for individual tuition

30 minutes x 16 weeks:  419 euro

45 minutes x 16 weeks:  628 euro

60 minutes x 16 weeks:  819 euro


We offer a discount to immediate family members – this includes parents!

Included in the fees are concerts, parent/teacher meetings and group playing


Studying towards exams can prove an excellent focus for students.  Many adults and children take this option as they feel it gives them a goal to work towards.  It is a positive experience and good to get feedback from another source other than your own music teacher.  We follow all of the exam boards – mostly the RIAM, ABRSM and Junior and Leaving Cert practicals.  Trinity and Rockschool are also possible.