Congratulations to all students who did exceptionally well in their exams this term!  Special congratulation to Ciara who received distinction on her Grade VIII. Yippee!

Well done to all of our students so far this term as reports from all of the teachers indicate that it has been a successful one.  I’m looking forward to hearing the results of the hard work at our Christmas Concert.

The Christmas Concert is being held in the school hall on Sunday the 11th December at 1pm.  This is a short concert and will be an opportunity for any student to play one of their favourite pieces!  Nice and relaxed with perhaps a festive atmosphere 😉

There are six weeks left in this current term (with a visit from Santa in the middle!).   Any current student wishing to take up another instrument, please let us know before Christmas as I am starting the time-tabling for next term now.


Term 2:

January 30th – 22nd June.  18 weeks of lessons with three weeks of holidays.  Dates will be posted shortly.

Please notify me now if you would like to increase your time/ opt for another instrument.

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