Sunday 20th May:  Exams in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Westland Row, Dublin 2

Saturday 2nd June:  Re-enrolment forms due in.  Any student of RMC have the advantage of choosing the day and time that suits them.  After this date, we will open the remaining availabilities to the public. 

Sunday 10th June:  Concert!  Everyone is welcome to come and play their favourite pieces!  This is a non-competitive, equal opportunities event to show off all of your hard work from the past year.  A popular event for all involved – don’t forget to tell your teacher if you are attending and who is coming to cheer you on. 

Saturday 23rd June: Last day of music lessons  – where has the year gone?!  Don’t be sad as…

Saturday 8th September: We are open again 😀 

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